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WAW Towns (L-N)


Accredited since: 2015

Members of Loftus WaW participate in weekly Wellbeing walks normally of 90 mins. duration departing from Loftus Town Hall at 1.15pm
A major part of the volunteer effort is in working directly with maintenance staff from the North York Moors National Park and local Authority in path way restoration . Major works have included complete bridge replacements and constructing and Maintaining a community woodland in Loftus.
The group have produced 6 walking leaflets providing information on Geology , early industry relating to Alum extraction and processing, Ironstone mining and Monastic history.
Our Secretary and Committee member Harry and Kath Waring received Loftus Town Councils Citizen of the Year award for 2018 in recognition of their steadfast work in improving the path ways around the Parish and for their contribution to the weekly health walk initiative

Contact information

Contact Person: Marshall Best

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