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WAW Towns (C-D)


Accredited since: 2021

Since CWW’s accreditation was confirmed in 2021 the steering group has met on several occasions to start in earnest with plans to promote the businesses within our wonderful town and to ensure our PRoW are fit for purpose.

We have undertaken an audit of all of the PROW in our parish and recorded all the issues, there where a fair few!

In 2022 CWW started work to improve the access to the PROW, clearing the vegetation, litter and repairing stiles, switching stiles for kissing gates and installing way markers. CWW are lucky to have an amazing and supportive local PROW officer and a band of volunteers!

CWW has produced some walks into town from nearby campsites and a couple to introduce you to the area, check out the walks and resources tab out on CWW’s website:

These are free to download. You will also find a OS map showing all of the PROW in the parish of Coleford.

CWW has worked with local groups to find imaginative ways to enjoy walking, check the events tab out.

Coleford is not only ideal for walkers with its beautiful countryside and history but also hosts several events throughout the year that will pique your interest.

CWW has a positive repour with our Town, District and County Councils who have been incredibly supportive of CWW’s aims.

With a good selection of eateries in town and local shops to stock up on Coleford looks forward to welcoming you.

Contact information

Contact Person: Matt Beard

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