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Annual Returns

AR picThe Annual return is required each year with the deadline for entries the 31st January.

We ask every town that has been a member for more than 6 months to submit an Annual Return every January, to show that the six criteria necessary for accreditation are still being met. Please ensure you complete every section fully and give examples where you can.

The Annual Return is your opportunity to tell us about all the good work you have been doing over the year, giving us an insight into what is happening around the country. Every year some brilliant ideas come through, which we use as best practice examples to share with other towns.

The Annual Return is read by a mentor and if there are areas of concern, the mentor  will get in touch and offer to work with you to help you get back on track. The mentors for each county will be published on this page shortly.

Please note that subs are due between 1 January and 31 January each year and by 30 June towns will be deemed no longer to be a member if subs are not received, under constitution item 5.5.

To access the Annual Return form please click here


To read how each town has developed their ideas in 2021 please click here to view.Star

If you are experiencing problems filling in the Annual Report please contact your mentor or failing that the National Executive committee. We will try to help you using our mentoring scheme as we need to see members promoting the WaW brand or it will be devalued.