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Towns History

Town’s histories

Hebden Bridge – the origins of the first Walkers are Welcome Town

Hebden Bridge Walkers’ Action first proposed the idea of an accreditation scheme in 2006.   This would permit Hebden Bridge, along with other towns, to officially announce “Walkers are Welcome”.  The idea took hold quickly and the following steps were undertaken locally for it to become a reality.


  1. A petition was used to invite local people and visitors to the area to give their support to the Walkers are Welcome concept.
  2. The local council gave formal endorsement for Walkers are Welcome status.
  3. A launch event was held in February 2007 which included workshops, stalls and short-guided walks.
  4. The first meeting of the Walkers are Welcome Advisory Board was held in April 2007, comprising representatives from the local town and parish councils, businesses and community organisations.
  5. Funding was obtained to produce a general marketing leaflet and window stickers for businesses saying Walkers are Welcome HERE.  Articles were also published in the press.
  6. Hebden Bridge Walkers’ Action worked with Calderdale MBC to create three waymarked routes from the town centre.
  7. Hebden Bridge shops, hotels, pubs and B&B’s were contacted for their support.  Several took stickers and some made financial donations.

Kirkby Stephen – How we became accredited

Winchcombe Walkers are Welcome – How we got started