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Benefits of Membership

  • An administrative central point and up-to-date membership database
  • A comprehensive website with ‘members only’ sections
  • Resources, such as best practice guides, factsheets, leaflets, handbooks
  • Mentoring for towns and villages to attain and maintain membership
  • A quality system for WAW communities to deliver walker-friendly towns
  • Annual monitoring and reporting back of quality compliance to members
  • A vehicle for regular member networking to informally share experiences and discuss new ideas
  • An annual conference and opportunity to provide input into the national network
  • Lobbying at all levels of local and national government and othero rganisations to support the initiatives of WAW members.

Use of WaW Logo and branding

Being a member of the WaW organisation entitles communities to use the WaW logos for marketing and publicity purposes, and to aid and promote instant public recognition in accordance with our statement on values. Members are not entitled to make amendments to the logo without the prior approval of the National Committee. Refer to our Policy document for further information.

Tourism and economic benefits

  • Demonstrates that walkers will be given a warm welcome by the local
  • Strengthens Towns’ reputation as a walking destination
  • Economic benefit for local shops, B&Bs, Hotels, Pubs, Cafés, Restaurants,
    and other businesses through increased footfall
  • Promotes other local visitor attractions
  • Complements Towns’ economic growth, tourism plans and strategies
  • Establishes a community as a well-known and interesting walking destination
  • Benefits from national WaW publicity and promotion
  • Promotes professionalism and good practice

Community benefits

  • Empowers communities by providing people with the knowledge, skills and
    confidence to make a difference.
  • Promoting the concept of shared ownership and community cohesion
  • Sharing of responsibilities and access to opportunities
  • Promotes social interaction and combats exclusion
  • Pride in the community
  • Promotes the health benefits of walking
  • Promotes enjoyment and respect for what the countryside offers
  • Gives local people and visitors the opportunity to learn about the culture, heritage and biodiversity of the Towns and surrounding countryside
  • Encourages the formation of walking groups, walking festivals and events


  • Promotes effective liaison with local authorities, councils, agencies and
    landowners responsible for PROWs ensuring that footpaths are monitored,
    maintained and remain open in suitable condition for the benefit of local
    people and visitors
  • Helps to create new footpaths, routes and long-distance trails
  • Encourages preparation of local walking publications and signage
  • Better promotion through improved waymarking and interactive signage