Journalist keen for Dover to be a WAW town

A plea for Dover to join Deal in becoming a Walkers Are Welcome town was made at the White Cliffs Walking Festival.

Organised by the White Cliffs Ramblers,  the opening ceremony held on Dover seafront was attended by our President, Kate Ashbrook.

Deal became the first town in the South of England to get Walkers Are Welcome status, Councillor Brivio, a member of the White Cliffs Ramblers hopes that a working party can now be set up to get Walkers Are Welcome status for Dover.


Baildon Walkers are Welcome are “sew together”

Baildon quilters have designed and created a beautiful representation of Baildon’s scenic attractions.


Baildon tapestry


If you would like to be part of a lasting history of Walkers are Welcome then go to The Get Together page for further information.  Please send us your quilting square no matter how plain or simple it is.


Well dressing

One of the well dressings for this year’s Bollington Well Dressing Festival features Walkers are Welcome. The picture which features the Walkers are Welcome logo was prepared by the 1st Bollington Cross Guides and can be seen until Sunday 13 July at Clarence Mill.

The Bollington Well Dressing group said: ‘Bollington has been accredited as part of the ‘Walkers are Welcome’ UK network and we are very pleased to advertise the fact that this town is a wonderful place to walk around and an excellent centre for visiting the beautiful countryside surrounding it. The 1st Bollington Cross Guides have prepared this picture which is the logo of the Network’.

Well dressing



Kirkby Stephen & District Walkers are Welcome Boots2Garden project this summer has all manner of boots planted up with flowers throughout the town. It’s turning into quite a trail and bringing a smile to walkers and shoppers alike. Why not drop in and have a look.Flowers

Winners of the Bollington Challenge

Bollington Walkers are Welcome White Nancy Challenge

This year as part of the Bollington Festival there was a particular challenge. For 16 days you had to have walked up the 900 feet local peak of White Nancy by 7.00a.m.

The challenge was made by Walkers are Welcome Coordinator Sandra Edwards. ‘We wanted to put our new organisation on the map’ said Sandra.’

In the event over 150 people took part and there were 9 people who managed every day. Ken Edwards who completed the 16 days said’ It was a great challenge. In 16 days you get all kinds of weather, bitter cold, biting winds, mist and rain but the beginning and the end were fantastic sunny days and some people even got up at 4.30am to be there to see the sun rise!

Winners of the Bollington Challenge

Picture above shows the winners of then challenge.

‘There was something magical in the air up here’, said Sarah and we have formed a White Nancy Breakfast Club to keep the tradition alive.’

Maybe an idea for some of the towns in the network.


Group of walkers

Ivybridge launch

Ivybridge, as Gateway to the Moors and the South Hams countryside recently celebrated their WAW status with some walks along with John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers, a musical journey through Devon.

Group of walkers

The picture shows a happy group of walkers about to set off along the Erme Valley Trail from Ivybridge to Noss Mayo.

Edible pair of walking boots

Horncastle Walkers are Welcome Group

The recently formed Horncastle Walkers are Welcome group celebrated the completion of a successful launch event on Sunday 1 June.

The group was formed less than 12 months ago and has made an ambitious start by hosting the closing ceremony of the 2014 Wolds Walking Festival held at the Stanhope Hall. The main objective of the group is to promote and encourage walking in the beautiful Southern Lincolnshire Wolds to the benefit not only of local businesses but to the health of the public in general.

Over the weekend the Town became the starting point for no less than nine walks ranging from a serious nine mile walk taking in Fulletby and West Ashby led by local author Pete Skipworth to a “Horrible Horncastle Walk” led by Paul Scott and Pete Harness. This popular exposition of the Town’s more macabre past ended with a BBQ put on by the Lions’ Club at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre.

At the closing ceremony performed the Town Mayor, Cllr Sandra Campbell-Wardman, presented Gail Dymoke, the Chair of the WAW Group, with an unusual cake in the form of an edible pair of walking boots!

Horncastle WAW cake

“The whole weekend has been a huge success” said Gail. “Everybody has worked so hard and local businesses have been so generous with their support and raffle prizes”


Walkers are Welcome Quilt/Banner

Chepstow Walkers are hosting the National Get Together in October 2014.  We thought it would be good to have a lasting memory of all the groups represented from throughout the country. Something was needed that was attractive, iconic and which could be easily added to.  So a quilt/banner made of individual squares from each town/village could achieve this.

Each square would reflect the individuality of that group and could depict a scene, person, building, coat of arms, myth, products or anything associated with that locality.  The needlecraft could be appliqué, embroidery, quilting or any process thought appropriate.  There would need to be a few rules for ease of assembly of the quilt/banner.  However these are few so as not to stifle creativity.

Rules for Square

Each side of the square should measure 33 cms.  This will give a space of 30cms for creativity and 1.5 cms each side for assembly.  The basic square should be 100% cotton.  Any other materials, colours or devices may be applied.

You may wish to use this opportunity to interact with other local groups by asking them if they would design the square for you. This could be the WI, Townswomens Guild or perhaps hold a competition at your local school which may generate some publicity for your group.

The finished square should be sent to Helen Kenneally, Fox and Hounds, Itton, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 6BX for assembly by 1st September 2014 at the latest.

To have a beautiful lasting representation of all of our towns/villages who strive to put their locality on the map through a love of walking would be wonderful.  This quilt/banner could then be displayed annually at Get Togethers and added to as Walkers are Welcome grows.

Any questions then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch by email or 012091 641856

With best wishes for creativity and dexterity

Chepstow Walkers are Welcome




WaW to apply to Charities Commission

The Walkers are Welcome network are about to apply to the Charities Commission as a(CIO). This is a new legal form for a charity and we are applying with an “Association” model constitution. Which is for a charity with a wider membership including voting members, in addition to the charity trustees. These members may also be involved in the work of the CIO and can also apply to be a trustee.

The application document/constitution is situated in the Membership section Exec Business and can be accessed using the current members password.

Please read and give any comments you may have before the 30th May 2014. The application is being sent to the Charities Commission in early June.




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