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South Western Railways Declares Whitchurch Hampshire to be a ‘Top Destination’

‘Whitchurch where history, nature and literature converge to offer a unique destination’.

Whitchurch Walkers are Welcome are thrilled to announce that South Western Railways has declared Whitchurch, Hampshire to be a Top Destination in the South.

Jackie Browne, the WaW co-ordinator for Whitchurch said, ‘  We already knew this of course, but now hopefully many more people looking to escape the town/city for a day’s walking, or a weekend break will discover the delights of Whitchurch and the beautiful North Wessex Downs National Landscape. !SW Railways supported our application for accreditation back in 2015 and eighteen months ago members of the Management Team were invited to attend a meeting in Whitchurch to discuss future tourism opportunities for Whitchurch Station, the Southern Gateway to the North Wessex Downs.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team to develop the ‘Destination’ page, it supports the town’s aspirations to become a hub for exploring the lesser-known North Hampshire Countryside and we very much look forward to continuing working with the railway company to promote the area.”

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