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Marsden WAW have a grand day out with We In Front

Last month, Marsden WAW joined up with Huddersfield walking group We In Front to walk together in the hills and moorland around the Pennine village of Marsden.

We In Front began life in 2020 in the depths of the Covid lockdown.

Errol Hamlet, 69, of Lowerhouses, was bored and frustrated but inspired to see a neighbour taking advantage of her 60 minutes outdoors with vigorous walking. He’d never seen the point of walking for its own sake before but once he started he felt like he didn’t want to stop.

He was soon attracting the attention of fellow West Indian friends and, as lockdown eased, Errol found he had a team of hiking converts around him. They walked and walked, often going astray as they plunged off-road into the fields and thickets around Huddersfield.
But they figured that as long as they stayed within sight of Castle Hill (a local landmark) they’d never get completely lost.

Since then they’ve grown to a membership of over 30 and walk four times a week. The routes range from flat rambles to scaling the most rugged terrain in the Pennines so people of all abilities can take part.

They reckon they are probably the most active group of West Indian pensioners walking anywhere in the UK and, while still drawing most of its membership from the Windrush Generation, the group includes walkers of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

For the walk with Marsden WAW the group divided into two, one group tackling the longer and more challenging Deer Hill walk, and the other opting for a shorter walk along the canal; this walk however wasn’t all that easy as it came with an outdoor gym stop, where members of We In Front led the group in some keep-fit exercises!

We In Front describe themselves as encouraging health and wellbeing and laughter and there was certainly plenty that shared between the two groups. There are plans for a return visit with We In Front hosting Marsden WAW soon – watch this space!

We In Front were recently featured in an episode of Ramblings with Claire Balding on BBC Radio 4. You can listen to the episode on the iPlayer here

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