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Easy money!

Shoppers at Tesco in Dereham pass by a table of books, each book being ‘sold’ for a 50p donation to whichever cause is current for the month. In July, this was Dereham Walkers are Welcome.

Dereham report

“On 1 July, we arrived with a supply of books collected from our members, but also took over those left from the previous cause. We did a bit of moving around to try to make the display as irresistible as possible. We also took the time to top up the supply from time to time and keep it looking attractive. By whatever means, we noticed that a considerable number of books were donated to the collection by others rather than us, so far as we are aware. At the end of the month, we received the total collected – some £585, far more than we had expected. And, of course, during the month, we had our pop up on display and also left our booklet of walks for people to take, so got some useful publicity at the same time. We did have to wait for a while after expressing interest, but apart from that, we had little to do for a great return. We were told that our sum was among the higher end, though not the highest collected. So, if you’re looking for some funding and aren’t in a hurry, this is an easy way with little effort. Our thanks to Tesco.”

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