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#Coleford working together gets results

A Collaboration with Steve Gooch Estate Agents/Coleford Branch

Coleford Welcomes Walkers prides itself on its ability to collaborate with and build relations among the local community – be it volunteers, local businesses, or other organisations. It puts great effort into networking and developing a dialogue with those who share its vision of putting Coleford on the map as a destination for walkers and to raise the towns profile as a destination for visitors.

To this end, CWW has incorporated many opportunities for groups to get involved and support CWW aims. CWW has an expanding team of volunteers who help to maintain the Public Rights of Way and who participate in larger projects around the town (such as the clearing of the car park or the Big Help Out event); local businesses can financially support the group through a subscription which allows advertising on the CWW website and the use of a sticker in their window to showcase this support and the group’s Facebook page is updated regularly with news and other information.

Most recently, CWW is proud to have collaborate with the Coleford branch of Steve Gooch Estate Agents to raise the profile of Coleford as a Walkers are Welcome town to those looking to move into the area. With the permission of the seller, future property information profiles will now include details on the Walkers and Welcome accreditation awarded to Coleford as an indication of its warmth to visitors and adoption of the values of Walkers are Welcome.

This is an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of CWW among residents and demonstrates what can be achieved when working in collaboration with local businesses and organisations. The group are constantly seeking ways to collaborate with local businesses for the benefit of the town and firmly believes that working together as a community can achieve great results.

This collaboration has been reported on in the Forester  (a local newspaper) and CWW hope to imitate its success in the future where it makes sense to do so.

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