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The Big Help Out

Coleford Welcomes Walkers (CWW) recently participated in Charles III coronation weekend by organising an event for the Big Help Out.

The chair commented that this popular recreational route into Coleford Town, “the Milkwall to Coleford Cycle track” was in need of some TLC to make it welcoming to not just residents but people using this route for the first time on visiting Coleford. First impressions count!

The entrance to the track was overgrown with vegetation and the surrounding fencing had fallen into disrepair, not to mention the grotty looking dog bin which  was rusty and covered in graffiti. With permission sought from the Forest of Dean District Council a project was born, supported by kind donations from Jewson, Light Fantastic, WP Service and the nearby Texaco Garage supplying much needed water for the cement!

Volunteers gathered on May 7th to prepare the site, clearing the vegetation, removing fallen down wire fencing, and digging holes for new fence posts. The dog bin was given a good clean and its first coat of paint – wow what a difference. By the end of day the entrance was vastly improved.

May 8th, saw more volunteers turn up with the new wooden fence taking shape, making the surrounding entrance secure and providing a support for people coming down the nearby slope if needed.

CWW volunteers found the response from people passing during the work incredibly encouraging, with the local press running an article and social media posts across a variety of local groups receiving much appreciation and thanks.

The towns mayor Nick Penny said of the work, “Thank you very much for all that you continue to do for the town of Coleford”,

CWW continues to pursue collaborations with authorities, agencies, local businesses and groups to ensure Coleford is welcoming to all.

CWW is looking forward to its next project whilst also ensuring the spring growth on the PRoW is kept at bay!

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