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The first year back – Leominster

What a first year Leominster  had.  They say that, reforming again after the dreaded Covid pandemic, has been very successful .

Leominster took part in a section of walking The Herefordshire Way on the hottest day of the year! This walk was led by Pete Blench and covered 11 miles. This event was part of bigger event which local walkers walked in groups  covering all sections of the 150 mile route in one day. Leominster really does have some exceptional walks.

Leominster’s Pete also led a Orchard walk. This covered orchards local  to Leominster and was attended by 15 people.

 Thanks to  funding by The Rotary Club, for which they are very thankful, Leominster has now made three new leaflets of Family Walks.   Leominster is hoping to be able to offer these leaflets by post soon.

Visit  their page here:


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