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The Vale of Snaith

The town of Snaith, which will, next year, be celebrating the 800th anniversary of being granted a market charter, has some special heritage events scheduled for September 2022.

On Sunday 11th September, the highlight of the annual Heritage Day celebrations will be in the Market Place, where there will be a display of cherished motor bikes.  In nearby Cowick, there will be a guided walk along Cowick Royal Way, where you will hear stories about visits to Cowick by Kings and Queens and many other important people with royal connections.

For those who like to enjoy self-guided walks, there is the four-mile East Cowick Circular Walk which is fully signposted and has many Heritage Links detailed on a leaflet available from the church or village hall.  Newly installed on the 20 sign posts are permanent pictures of birds and animals that you might spot on your journey, all drawn by children from the local primary school.

Also available are Heritage Walk laminated card packs featuring 15 walks.  One of the walks is Snaith Heritage Trail, which has now been enhanced with a number of the historic buildings displaying a blue plaque (they are currently 12 in total).

Coming up in September, maintaining the Heritage theme, are three guided walks as part of The East Riding of Yorkshire annual walking festival.

September 10th A long walk which includes a visit to the memorial garden created after a horrific train crash in 2001.

September 17th A long walk which includes a look at the engineering heritage of two canals, an aqueduct and a reservoir.

September 23rd A stroll from Snaith to Carlton Towers for a tour around  a magnificent country residence, packed with  

The photo shows an amusing plaque which  was erected by a local trader inspired by the blue plaques in Snaith.  It did the trick and the unused traffic lights were taken down after 7 years.

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