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Tarras Valley Nature Reserve

Langholm tell us that they are part of the Langholm Initiative which is a community  body formed to raise money to found the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve .  The Langholm Initiative have now succeeded in raising a further £2.2M to secure a further 5,000 acres of land from The Duke of Buccleuch. This makes a total of £6M raised in 2 years and the Tarras valley Nature Reserve will now extend to a total of 10,000 acres.
See, for example,

They say “The photo shows the famous Langholm Moor and the B Road that crosses it. This  has become the best place in Mainland UK to watch Hen Harriers and other Raptors like Merlin, Short Eared Owls, and Buzzards. There is also an occasional Golden Eagle that appears on the Moor.  It was in the first 5000 acres purchased by Langholm Initiative.”

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