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Dursley: A Kissing Gates celebration

Dursley Welcomes Walkers say they  are fortunate to have excellent links with the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens, especially their very experienced local work party. So when the local Long Distance Walkers Group (Bristol and west branch) came up with an offer of funding, they were able to negotiate the replacement of old stiles on the Coaley Parish section of our flagship 14-mile Lantern Way route. Once the installation was complete, they organised a public walk to enjoy the improvements. Nearly 50 people participated, some travelling a fair distance to join in. At coffee time when they had reached the community-run shop in Coaley, they publicly thanked all the organisations involved. The party included several Wardens who had helped install the gates and representatives from two of the local parish councils. Parts of the walk were new for many participants. The weather was good, everyone enjoyed it, and the events was covered in  a full page spread in the local paper giving Dursley Welcomes Walkers some great publicity.

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