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Dereham’s Heritage Walks

Three years ago, Dereham Walkers are Welcome opened a dialogue with Dereham Heritage Trust, to add a town walk to its usual suite of walks out into the Norfolk countryside.  It was arranged with a view to including it in the Heritage Open Days programme.  We all know what happened in the following months, but the world didn’t stand still, and the dialogue was extended to two further town walks – one to look at the industrial heritage sites in Dereham (sadly most now gone and redeveloped) and one to look at Georgian Dereham, and in particular the work of John and Ellenor Fenn.  These are now planned for August and September, the latter as part of the 2022 HODs week.  In the meantime, the Town History walk took place as planned; the photo shows some of the party at the entrance to the town’s museum, located in Bishop Bonner’s Cottages and staffed by volunteers from our partners in the Dereham Heritage Trust.

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