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North Wessex Downs Walking Festival is Underway

The annual North Wessex Downs Walking Festival is now underway with group walks taking place all over the area.
Tuesday 14th June saw the first of two walks the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership is organising, with a walk led by Judy Kunkler from Pewsey Parish Council and the Pewsey Footpaths Group and Susie Brew from the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership. Having grown up in Pewsey and with many generations of her family living there over the years, Judy’s insights and stories really brought everything to life. It was a glorious day and the walk included Jones’s Mill Nature Reserve which was resplendent with orchids and butterflies. The walk finished with a hidden gem of a nature reserve, right in the centre of Pewsey, called The Scotchel which is alongside the edge of the River Avon – welcome cool on a hot day! A wonderful afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who went.
There are plenty more walks going on as the Festival continues until 26th June –  follow this link to the festival on the North Wessex Downs website.

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