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Wall Hanging in Winchcombe

Winchcombe walking festival borrowed the WAW National Wall Hanging to display at the hall where walkers meet to register for walks. It cheered up the hall, gave walkers something to admire while they waited for their walks to leave and it publicised all the other WaW towns around the country. The new stands made it so much easier to display and we received some wonderful comments about the standard of the needlework and the wide variety of ideas.

Sheila Talbot, Chair at Wincombe said:
“It’s a shame that not every WaW town is represented so I would encourage those who haven’t submitted a square to seriously think about it. If you don’t have the skills within your team, I’m sure there are other local groups such as the WI or a quilting group who would be only too pleased to help out. A huge thanks to Chepstow WaW for coming up with the idea and being custodians of it.”

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