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Slow Ways Swarm Weekend – March 25-27

We were treated to an inspirational talk on Slow Ways at our AGT in 2021.  Their latest  news is reproduced below. 

You can  find out more and sign up here.

“How many routes can we walk and review in a single weekend? Join the National Slow Ways Swarm Weekend!

As of today there are 8,016 walking routes in the network. Our ambition is to check out every one of them. And it sure is ambitious – together they amount to 118,612km!

But if everyone who opens this email went out to walk a route at the same time, we could potentially verify the network together in a single weekend.

Inspired by this possibility, we’re calling out to people across Great Britain to join us on our first National Slow Ways Swarm! To take part, we’d love for you to walk one or more routes on March 25, 26 or 27.

You can join the national swarm on your own, with a group of friends or fellow walkers.

With Slow Ways routes connecting 2,423 towns, cities and villages, you can take part nearly anywhere in Great Britain. For people who can get to Leeds we’ll be having a special celebratory get-together at the Town Hall on the Sunday. You can expect hot tea, biscuits, films, talks, and post-walk jubilation!

We want to use this first pilot swarm to see what we can achieve in a single weekend, to learn what works and then hope to plan more in the future. “

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