Boroughbridge say “We are Back…”

Boroughbridge Easter Walking Festival is back and will be held from the 15th to 18th April 2022 (see events).
Set in a delightful riverside area of North Yorkshire this year’s festival will include a commemorative walk around the site of the Battle of Boroughbridge which took place 700 years ago. The Battle of Boroughbridge in 1322 was between a rebellious group of barons and supporters of Edward II, a weak and ineffectual king, whose reign was marked by military failure and constant internal disputes. The rebellion was led by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, Edward’s cousin and the second most wealthy person in the country. He was defeated at Boroughbridge by the King’s army led by Sir Andrew de Harclay. Lancaster negotiated an overnight truce with Harclay, many of the rebels had deserted. When the Sheriff of York arrived to reinforce the king’s army, Lancaster had to surrender. He was taken to his home at Pontefract Castle where he was sentenced to death after a show trial. He was beheaded on March 22. Thirty of Lancaster’s followers were executed, including Roger de Clifford, Second Lord of Skipton, who was hung from Clifford’s Tower in York, which now bears his name.
A series of commemorative events are planned in Boroughbridge throughout the year. The first is on Saturday, March 12, when a wreath will be laid at the Battlecross in Aldborough at 9.30am before the Three Swords Mediaeval Group demonstrate arms and armour on the shared community space behind Boroughbridge car park.
There will also be the first of the planned guided tours of the battlefield by Louise Whittaker, of the Battlefield Trust. Boroughbridge Historical Society, the Battlefield Trust and Boroughbridge Town Council are working on the events with funding from Miller Homes.
Mediaeval art work by the Yorkshire chairman of the Battlefield Trust, Chris Rock, is being incorporated into a series of display boards for a permanent Battlefield Trail around the town to aid walkers in the future.

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