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10th Wellington Walking Festival hailed as a success

Wellington (in Shropshire) celebrated their 10th walking festival in September.  The celebration was the last event of the week.  The success can really be judged by smiles and happy participants. There was something for every kind of walker, ranging from a tour of the nearby Wappenshall wharf to a 20 mile hilly walk. The local independent cinema showed  “Wild” to coincide with the festival. Feedback forms received  have been positive about the festival with some suggestions for next year.  Wellington WaW report that: they ran a total of 25 events, and also participated in a shared pre-festival event with Ironbridge Walking Festival, giving 26 events in total;  209  people came , with a total of 472 occurrences of someone doing something in the festival;  they estimate that the total distance walked was a shade under 2000 miles. 

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