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Eye Coat of Arms

As a Walkers are Welcome project for Eye, the Eye Outdoors Group are developing a new Town Trail map board to replace the old one in Buckshorn Lane car park, to highlight the trail around the historic centre of Eye. In order to feature the Eye Coat of Arms a suitable high-resolution digital image was created using a wealth of authentic information about the historic Coat of Arms, and a local printer stepped in to research and design a new image true to its origins.

The Eye Coat of Arms were officially granted on April 20th 1592.

On the shield, the 4 small birds around the gold cross are ‘Martlets’, mythical birds with no feet that are continuously on the wing – an allegory for continuous effort. This is associated with the shield of Edward the Confessor.

The Eagle has outstretched wings and holds two sprays of ‘Roses Argent’ – silver roses derived from the emblem of Elizabeth 1st

The crest has a helmet and mantel with a Crown of the Imperial Sun, above is the 16 pointed Star of Innocence with the all seeing Eye of God in the centre – this is a rebus, or heraldic pun on the name Eye.

The motto Occulus in Coelum means Eye to Heaven which is also part of the pun.

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