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Engagement with Nature and the Environment

Sense of place is often lost in the modern digital world and as a consequence tensions , social and mental disorders  regularly emerge as expressions of increasing strains not only in individuals but in the many shared relationships within society.  Sharing our “sense of place” through reading the landscape can assist in resetting our relationship to the natural environment   which can help transition living space into  a special place . 

Water of life  – cleanse and refresh us – .This old biblical phrase conveying renewal  resonates well with walkers  where there is an opportunity to rest awhile  near  flowing water containing the natural minerals essential to supporting  living cells. Indeed, many of us are drawn to the sound that waterfalls make and communicating – no beginning , no end , just being . Sometimes, we’re also drawn to the constant motion of the water itself. Regardless of what exactly it is, waterfalls seem to have that relaxing effect, and that’s what matters as far as our mental health is concerned.

The image is the majestic  High Force waterfall  near  the Walkers are Welcome town of  Middleton -in – Teesdale . This spectacular  waterfall , one of the most impressive  in England also reveals the historic nature  of  ancient rocks  with strata dating back  300 million years.

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