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Countryside Code

Whilst it was amazing to see so many new walkers taking to the countryside during the lockdown periods for their exercise, many of our towns and villages have remarked on the behaviour of some unaccustomed walkers that are not familiar with the expected traditions. It was therefore particularly useful to be able to publicise the Covid short version Countryside Code. In November 2020, the Countryside Code department at Natural England announced that they are now having a refresh consultation. ‘There are essentially three levels of information: short and long versions for the public plus additional information for land managers and owners for areas of open country (currently incorporated into the long leaflet). The recently refreshed short version was produced this summer to respond to Covid and is easily reproducible at A4, A5, and A6 and can be laminated for use on-site. The full version, whilst not incorrect, has for some time needed reviewing at least in terms of presentation and potential use of social media.’ Looking at the existing material, Natural England invited feedback and we asked our members for their thoughts which we incorporated into one document ( here ) now forwarded to Natural England as part of the initial consultation. Whilst we have not been able to incorporate every individual comment, we are grateful to all members for the wonderful response and the thoughtful comments provided. For further  information please contact the Membership Secretary at  

There is now a survey that you could complete at


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