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Trees Also Suffer From Disease

Bingley Walkers are Welcome hasn’t organised any walks during these strange times. However, they have encouraged individuals and families to explore the many walks in the Bingley area, and the greatly increased traffic on confirms that many have been using their  website for ideas.

Susan Hart of  Bingley   says “28th November to 6th December is National Tree Week and it is a reminder to many of us in Bingley that it is not only humans who are affected by disease.

The St Ives Estate near Bingley was always well-known for its splendid rhododendrons. Sadly, a few years ago many were found to carry ‘phytophthora ramorum’ a contagious fungal disease. This does not appear to harm the rhododendrons but the disease had spread into the larch trees in Betty’s Wood on the Estate, and as a result, all the larches had to be felled and removed.

The area has now been replanted with a variety of trees including cherry blossom, rowan, crab apple, alder, and buckthorn. Bradford Council also collected acorns from the 19th-century oak trees elsewhere on the estate which have also been planted to help to replace the lost trees. Devastating disease not only affects humans, but woodlands can also suffer.

As you can see Betty’s Wood is showing early positive signs of regaining its former splendour.

We too will overcome the Coronavirus and recommence our monthly walks when safe to do so. The welfare of our walk leaders and supporters is paramount.”

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