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WaW Chair at Wellington Walking Festival 2020

This year’s 9th Wellington Walking Festival took place despite Covid 19. Wellington Walkers are Welcome (WWaW), who organised the event, were delighted with the turnout for the walks. Only 3 events had to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

Places were limited, so all participants had booked to attend the walks and the enthusiasm for being out enjoying the diverse Ways which intersect Wellington was infectious. The weather throughout the week was perfect for walking, which added to the atmosphere. The organisers estimate that a total of over 1160 person miles were walked during the week.
WWaW were particularly happy to welcome Baz, the national chair of Walkers of Welcome, to the final walk, and also a visitor from Cambridge who stayed and walked all week as her original walking holiday in Italy had been cancelled. The image shows Baz, with camera, admiring the view from the Ercall. There are many more images on the WWaW Facebook page

in 2021, WWaW hope the 10th Festival will return to its normal format with more varied events, and will take place, as usual, during the 2nd week of September.

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