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Bradford on Avon’s Walking Wheel maps landmark

The 1,000 landmark has been reached! By the end of 2019, 1,144 of Bradford on Avon’s Walking Wheel maps had been sold.

BoA Walkers are Welcome are amazed and delighted at the popularity of our Walking Wheel and are frequently re-stocking our 4 map outlets in the town.

The BoA Walking Wheel came into being in nearly four years ago and was launched at our 2016 Annual Walking Festival. It is well used by local people and we’ve heard of many who have visited the town in order to “walk The Wheel”. We even encountered an Australian couple who were staying in the town for several nights and they had come in order to experience The Wheel whilst in the UK visiting family.

The maps are produced for us by the brilliant Yellow Walk Maps company, based in Cornwall; they fold to a handy pocket size and are laminated so are very robust. At only £5 each they are very good value for money.

To find out more about The Walking Wheel please visit our website:

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