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Loftus Walkers are Welcome Annual Geology Walk

During July , Loftus WaW organized and led the annual Geology walk with local Geologist Alan Simkins. The group walked along the shore from Skinningrove to Hummersea Point exploring the rock strata, erratics and remnants of the former Alum industry. Loftus Alum works was a major producer and exporter of Alum and Roman Cement from 1620 to 1840. Major uses of the product included – fixative for dyes and pigments in textiles , leather and paper preservative agent and as a blood coagulant. Also observed for the first time were specimens from two layers of fossilised Oyster beds which had fallen from the upper layers on the cliff near Hummersea. Walkers were quite excited to see this evidence from the Jurassic period of some 200 million years ago.

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