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Access for All

Chesham Walkers are Welcome successfully applied for a grant from Chiltern District Council to install a couple of RADAR gates in a local wood. The project was run as a partnership between Chesham Walkers are Welcome, the Disabled Ramblers and the Royal Forestry Society (the owners of Hockeridge Wood). The gates were installed under a scheme called ‘Donate a Gate’ run by The Chiltern Society and Bucks County Council. Andrew Clark, from Chesham Walkers are Welcome said: “I’m really delighted that this project has been completed as it will provide a true woodland adventure. Hockeridge Wood is a lovely place that should be appreciated by all.” RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd says: “Woodland is increasingly recognised not just for the timber it can produce and the biodiversity it supports but for the health and wellness benefits it provides to all who spend time in them. Hockeridge and Pancake woods have always been well used by local people and we are delighted they are now more accessible to even more people.”

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