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2018 Get-Together and AGM

So as we all journeyed to the east of England, we left behind the torrential rain and wind of the extratropical cyclone named Storm Desmond, arriving in Cromer to a sunny summer’s evening for the reception on the pier. From there on we all enjoyed a fun packed weekend by the sea. As usual, is was so great to meet up with Walkers are Welcome family friends and make new acquaintances.

Whilst there were many highlights, our Chairman, Sam Phillips. was particularly impressed to hold the AGM in the North Norfolk County Council chamber but we won’t let the raised dais and facilities go to his head. Thoughts of a May-bop entrance brought us down to earth with a smile. There was a charming personal message from Norman Lamb MP emphasising the importance of walking for health and mental well-being saying that many people never experience the joy of walking in the countryside.

Official formalities of the AGM over, our Patron, Kate Ashbrook, updated us with some of the current politics with Brexit, the Agriculture Bill and the future of public access. We enjoyed a members’ exchange of information on the benefits members have brought over the last year to their communities and shared information. followed by a networking lunch.

There were other presentations and favourite walks over the weekend with a gorgeous meal of Norfolk produce on the Saturday evening. The famous Cromer crab managed to be highlighted and formed an important part of the evening, not only to eat but featured it its own quiz. Our tremendous thanks to Hilary Cox, Gemma Harrison and the WalkCromer team for a super weekend. Perhaps let us know your own highlights.

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