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Whitchurch, Hampshire Launch Their New Heritage Trail

In 1888, the Star newspaper reported: ‘Whitchurch is in Hampshire. People who live IN it call it a town. People who live OUT of it call it a village. It is about as big as a good-sized pocket handkerchief. It has three shops and 19 public houses’. Today Whitchurch is still the smallest town in Hampshire, with rather less pubs, but a few more shops and a story to tell….

Much of the town centre is a conservation area and the Heritage Trail takes you on an easy two mile walk passing many of the surviving historic buildings and points of interest along the way. You will read about a notorious highwayman, famous authors, conflict and a first for the BBC! Historically always punching above it’s weight, did you know that it was Whitchurch folk that won the Right to Peaceful Protest for the country?

To find out more please do  visit. Guided tours can be arranged by contacting Walkers are Welcome Whitchurch, Hampshire via

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