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Lady Anne’s Way

Kirkby Stephen & District Walkers are Welcome are working with their town council and sculptor Diane Lawrenson to raise funding for a life-size bronze sculpture for the town representing the spirit of Lady Anne’s Way.
This stunning limited edition bronze maquette pictured above captures the spirit of the indomitable Lady Anne Clifford (1590 –1676) with her steely determination walking the Lady Anne’s Way long distance trail through old Westmorland written by Sheila Gordon. The sale of these limited bronzes at £3,500 each will contribute to a new full size ‘Lady Anne’s Way’ sculpture in Kirkby Stephen.
“Lady Anne travelled through this region with a vision for its future. Building, restoration and care for the inhabitants, providing schools, churches, almshouses, while at the same time, in other areas of our country, people were struggling and starving brought about by the English Civil War.” Diane Lawrenson December 2017
Please contact Kirkby Stephen it you are at all interested in this new project

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