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Overton reaches 60

In one year of joining WaW, Overton weekly Walk 4 Health group has achieved a record amount of 60 walkers.

Plus volunteers from Overton walking group have just completed an exciting joint project which involved upgrading three stiles into kissing gates.

And this is quite an exciting project because it’s the route from Overton Church (where Jane Austen’s brother was curate) to Steventon Church where her father was rector.   The project has been completed in the 200th anniversary year and before Jane’s birthday in  December

The footpath Overton side starts at Upper Ashe, runs through a beautiful field with two kissing gates and a copse, leading to the parish boundary.  Next the 3rd gate! The path continues to Steventon Church and further along to North Waltham Church

Many thanks to the volunteers from Overton & Steventon for their time, energy and enthusiasm.  The Parish Clerks from Overton, Steventon, Parish Council and Hampshire County Council, Countryside team.

New kissing gate replaces stile
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