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Making the most of promotion opportunities


Some of you may have been watching Julia Bradbury’s ‘Best walks with a view’ series. On Friday 8 April it featured Winchcombe in the Cotswolds, which has been a WaW town since 2009.


When Winchcombe WaW was approached to help with the programme, they did everything they could to maximise on the publicity, not just for their town, but for the WaW Network. They started by giving advice to the researchers who were looking for content then they took part in a 3 hour filming session. They talked about WaW constantly, to make sure it featured in the programme.


But they didn’t stop there, they stayed in touch with Julia and her team, making sure their town was featured on Julia’s website and using social media to spread the word about the programme. Even during the broadcast people were tweeting and Julia was re-tweeting to all her followers.


The result? Nearly 1800 people were alerted before the programme from the Winchcombe Walking Capital of the Cotswolds Facebook page, over 5,000 people visited the website on the evening of the programme, the local TIC was inundated with requests for information the next day and hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) of viewers and tweeters have now heard of Walkers are Welcome.


That’s the way to do it! The more we all promote the WaW concept, the more publicity every WaW town gets.


So make sure you use the logo on everything you publish, from your website, to walking leaflets and signs, and if you ever get the opportunity to appear on radio or TV, don’t forget to mention WaW as well as your town. If you don’t use social media you are missing a trick, so if you can’t cope with it, recruit a teenager!


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