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Liskeard walkers let the train take the strain

The curious railway line from Liskeard Station to Looe via Coombe Junction is 115 years old this year. In recent years, the small station at the bottom of the 2 mile incline, Coombe Junction Halt, has been served by just two trains a day, each way, and has frequently languished in the bottom 5 stations in the country, in terms of passenger numbers. Most recently, just 26 passengers used the station in the last year.

On Saturday 14th May, 108 walkers celebrated the anniversary of the link line opening and caught a train from one of Britain’s least used stations.

The walkers met at the Looe line platform at Liskeard station for the short (0.8 mile) amble down hill to Coombe Junction and caught one of the few trains that call there. Walkers had the rare opportunity to purchase a ticket from Coombe Junction (a collector’s item!) and hopefully we may have lifted this little station out of its position at the bottom of the league table!


Lis train 2
Walkers heading for Coombe Junction Halt


Walkers meeting at Liskeard
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