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Forging links with Japan


Last February a Friendship Agreement was signed between Walkers are Welcome and the Footpath Association of Japan. MeetingThe organisations have a lot in common, both are community led and have similar aims, to improve facilities and information for walkers and to promote footpaths in lesser known areas.

During 2015 several Japanese groups have visited the UK, including a group in August who visited 6 different Walkers are Welcome towns. The towns involved in the visits thoroughly enjoyed the experience and made new friends. The good news is that the Japanese are keen to visit more of our WaW towns, share ideas and form friendships. They would also love to welcome groups of British walkers to their towns.

We have just heard that a group from the Footpath Association of Japan is visiting the Cotswolds again in February 2016, partly to walk the Cotswold Way, but also to continue talks on how our two organisations can work together more. They have asked if there are more WaW towns that would like to welcome groups of Japanese walkers, show them around and lead walks for them.

If this appeals to you and you think your town would like to get more involved, please contact

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