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Cleobury Mortimer interpreted walk

Round about the crooked steeple – a celebration of the life of Simon Evans

August 9th 2015 is the 75th anniversary of his death and August 10th the 120th anniversary of his birth. Val Simpson, Chair of Cleobury Mortimer Walkers are Welcome will lead this interpreted walk.


One of Shropshire’s War Walks on the Home Front is called ‘Walking in the Footsteps of a Survivor’, because Simon joined up at 19 and served the full 5 years of war with the 16th Cheshires. Wounded severely in the legs in August 1918 he lay awaiting recovery from a shellhole for 3 days, inhaling the deadly mustard gas. He later wrote: ‘If gas goes deep a man has it with him all his life’. His life lasted almost 45 years, yet for the last 16 years he walked over 75, 000 miles as a country postman in Cleobury Mortimer. In his rest hut, 12 miles into his daily round, he wrote articles, which later became books & radio broadcasts.


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