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Northern Mini Get-Together 10th August Kirby Stephen


The purpose of this free Mini Get-Together is to bring together northern Walkers are Welcome Towns and Villages for the purpose of networking and sharing best practice. The general subject will be ‘Achievements through Partnerships’ and a number of Kirkby Stephen partners will be present.

Ann Sandell, the Chair of Kirby Stephen and the national Secretary is arranging the event and will take you on a 3 mile walk around the town highlighting some of their facilities as well as some of their problem areas.

This will be followed by a free networking lunch after which you will be able to further explore the area, see the volunteer run Upper Eden Visitor Centre and shops or chat further with national committee or network members.

If you plan to attend please RSVP before 31st July 2015 to

For full details of the programme please click here.

Please click here for the invitation.Mini Get Together programme Mini Get Together invite

Mini Get Together


If you wish to extend your stay in the area, accommodation is available from the independently run hotel or a castle or everything in between.



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