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Vote with your feet

Now is a very good time to write to your local MP reminding them of the importance of walking for one’s health, the positive effect on the local economy and to ensure the protection of public open spaces. We have a draft letter available to download which we hope you will send to your local candidates.

Austerity measures have already impacted on Rights of Ways Departments and not all work can be done by volunteers. Country Walking has posed questions to MPs from all the main political parties. Visit to read the responses from all the main parties.

Natural England has published a report Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment and will use the results to develop its work on improving opportunities for people to enjoy open air recreation and engage with the natural environment. Results from the domestic and international tourism surveys it may be estimated that around £10 billion is spent during holidays taken to England involving outdoor pursuits.

The next Government need to protect our natural assets.







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