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WaW concept travels to Japan

On Friday 6 February 2015 a historic agreement was signed between Walkers are Welcome UK and the Footpath Association of Japan, who will now start its own WaW Network.

This is a milestone for the Walkers are Welcome Towns’ Network UK, which began in 2007 in Hebden Bridge and has mushroomed.

In May 2013 Sheila Talbot, Chair of Winchcombe Walkers are Welcome, was invited to tour Japan to lecture about the benefits walkers can bring to rural communities. The Japanese were very interested in the concept of Walkers are Welcome and now starting their own Network, the first foreign country to do so.


Mr Kosei Hamada and Mrs Ruriko Izawa brought the Friendship Agreement from Japan, which had already been signed by Joichi Ishizaka, President of the Footpath Association of Japan. Sheila Talbot signed on behalf of Walkers are Welcome UK, in her capacity as Overseas Ambassador for Walkers are Welcome. Also present at the signing was Kate Ashbrook, Patron of Walkers are Welcome, General Secretary of the Open Spaces Society and Ramblers President.  For further details visit the National New section.

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