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Where’s WaW? has positive results

WaW National Executive members visit accredited towns at random throughout the country unannounced. They look to see how each town is promoting WaW.

We see a contrast between towns and usually report back our findings. We are pleased to see Brian from Liskeard has used the comments to positive effect.

Western Morning News December 02, 2014

I thought your readers may be interested to read an excerpt from a report by a member of the national WaW organisation after an unannounced visit to Liskeard: “You will be pleased to know that we thought you are doing an fantastic job. We thought Liskeard was a lovely town and it had a really friendly feel about it. We saw lots of WaW stickers in shops and cafes and the Tourist Information Centre was fantastic, loads of guides and leaflets about walks and staff who knew what they were talking about. Well done!”.

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