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Winners of the Bollington Challenge

Bollington Walkers are Welcome White Nancy Challenge

This year as part of the Bollington Festival there was a particular challenge. For 16 days you had to have walked up the 900 feet local peak of White Nancy by 7.00a.m.

The challenge was made by Walkers are Welcome Coordinator Sandra Edwards. ‘We wanted to put our new organisation on the map’ said Sandra.’

In the event over 150 people took part and there were 9 people who managed every day. Ken Edwards who completed the 16 days said’ It was a great challenge. In 16 days you get all kinds of weather, bitter cold, biting winds, mist and rain but the beginning and the end were fantastic sunny days and some people even got up at 4.30am to be there to see the sun rise!

Winners of the Bollington Challenge

Picture above shows the winners of then challenge.

‘There was something magical in the air up here’, said Sarah and we have formed a White Nancy Breakfast Club to keep the tradition alive.’

Maybe an idea for some of the towns in the network.


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