Who we are

Walkers are Welcome is a non-profit making Community Interest Company. A nationwide initiative, launched in 2007 to encourage towns and villages to be ‘welcoming to walkers’. The network has expanded rapidly and there are now over 100 locations across the UK that have joined this innovative community-led scheme to benefit from Walkers are Welcome accreditation.

Our aims are to encourage and support towns and villages to

  • be attractive destinations for walkers with top quality information on local walks
  • offer local people and visitors excellent walking opportunities within their areas
  • ensure that footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained, improved and well signposted
  • contribute to local tourism plans and regeneration strategies
  • promote the health benefits of walking and increase participation
  • encourage the use of public transport

Benefits of this website

You can benefit from this website by obtaining up-to-date information on member towns and villages that are keen to welcome you. You can learn more about the scheme itself and its benefits, obtain latest news and developments, learn how to join us if you are not already a member, and, once you have joined, gain access to exclusive additional information.


Julia BradburyJulia Bradbury, broadcaster and walking enthusiast, expressed her support by saying

“The Walkers Are Welcome Scheme is a truly innovative project. It’s 
such a simple concept: set up an accreditation scheme for walk-friendly towns, then encourage the towns to network together for support, advice 
and ideas.

That simplicity has led to jaw dropping success…”

Kate Ashbrook, patron of Walkers Are Welcome and Vice – president and trustee of the Ramblers, says:

Kate Ashbrook“Walkers Are Welcome has grown at an astonishing pace as more and more towns and villages have seen the benefits of accreditation and have come on board. Now walkers know that, if they see the friendly footprint logo, they are assured of a warm welcome throughout the town, and a good path network and  waymarked walks round about. So everyone benefits – visitors, residents and the local economy.”

Members’ section

Accredited towns or villages will need to use a password to access the members’ section.